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The Review of Documents
Both the Most Labor Intensive and Expensive Step

As it is very tedious and time-consuming. Reviews of documents are a process in which each party of a case to analyze and categorize documents to decide whether they are sensitive or relevant to the issue. A majority of the review of documents cases are performed for litigations, company mergers, company acquisitions, government investigations and internal investigations. The document reviewer team may also provide some of the discovered information to possible figures that would provide testimonies.

The Review Process

During the review of documents, each document may be categorized by the relevance to the case, responsiveness to the discovery process, attorney privileged, or attorney confidentiality.


This categorization simply dictates that the documents are relevant to the case, as that irrelevant documents need not to be presented to the opposing party and not to be bothered with.


This categorization dictates whether this document is responsive to the discovery request of the opposing party.


This categorization dictates whether the information in the document is accountable to any client-attorney privilege. If so, the information is withheld from the opposing party.


This categorization dictates whether the document has any confidential information, and it must be withheld from the case. Information that would be confidential would be a trade secret of the company as the legal party is not obligated to present the confidential information to the opposing party. If the documents contain both confidential information and information of the other categories, the review will determine which portions to withhold in the production of the case.

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