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Our Office has developed a new General Counsel Program to more efficiently serve the needs of its employer clientele. The Program is consistent with our “Preventive” approach to confronting legal issues and concerns. It enables us to provide prompt services on an “as-needed” basis, in response to any employment-related issues whenever they may arise, including counseling, advice, or assistance with the preparation or review of forms and documents, as well as legal representation the defense of litigation in state or federal court, or agency administrative proceedings.

The Program enables our Office to provide necessary services at an economical reduced hourly rate. The current hourly billing rate for attorney assistance is $300.00 an hour. However, under the Program, the rate will be reduced to $250.00 an hour. The General Counsel Program requires payment of a nominal initial retainer fee, to cover the first five to ten hours of anticipated legal services. Further services will be provided at the same hourly rate, itemized and billable, monthly.

Importantly, the Program will provide a psychological incentive for the Client to contact legal counsel on an “as needed” basis, by eliminating the concern that addressing minor legal problems with an attorney will result in significant legal fees being incurred. By having an attorney available on retainer, already familiar with the Client’s employment practices, and ready to respond promptly to Client requests, the opportunity for taking a “preventive” approach to solving legal problems becomes built into the relationship. It’s almost like having the Company’s General Counsel, for Employee Relations, immediately accessible, just down the hall. We have found this Program to be extremely effective, by immediately establishing and encouraging an effective communicative relationship between Attorney and Client, enabling them to confront small problems before they have escalated to a more serious level or concern, and address and resolve them on a limited, economical budget.

Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions about the General Counsel Program, as it may be applied to assist your Company in addressing its employment-related legal requirements.

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