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An appeal is a process where a court with more authority reviews the verdict of a court with lesser authority. During this process, the higher court can make the decision to either “affirm” the verdict, meaning the decision stands, or the court can “overturn” the verdict, nullifying the lower court’s decision.

Mr Grey has years of experience as an attorney and in the area of appellate law. As your appellate lawyer, he will submit your petition for appeal and make your voice heard during the appeals process.

During the appeal, the judge reviews the case for legal errors that the lower court may have missed. The judge reviews the trial carefully and meticulously recalls the court’s application of the law.

Finder of Facts and Finder of Law – Two important terms you will need to understand during your appeal. In the U.S. court system, the jury is referred to as the finder of facts. This means that the jury responds to evidence and arguments presented in the courtroom by deciding the facts of the case. The judge is the finder of law, meaning that makes the legal decisions which are applicable to the case, in accordance with the facts found by the jury.

The most important part of your appeal process is the appellate brief. This is the formal, written and/or oral argument that Mr. Grey will present, which disputes the prior judge’s application of law. Forming a persuasive, evidential, and concise appellate brief will result in the judge’s appeal in your favor. With Mr. Grey’s, experience in court and knowledge of the law, you will no doubt have the highest rate of success with him by your side.

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